Every year Savio College organises a memorable and extraordinary trip to Turin to see and experience where Don Bosco used to live when he was a child. This is done for year 9 classes and this year it was our turn! On the 27th August, the big day finally arrived. We had to be at Malta’s International Airport at the crack of dawn which was quite tiring. However, we were all on cloud nine because we had been waiting for this adventure from the beginning of the scholastic year.  After we checked out, we said our final goodbyes to our beloved family members and took a group photo.

The plane took off and within two hours we arrived at Torino Airport. Afterwards, we went to Turin Centre by coach. We ate a packed lunch and played games at Parco Del Valentino. Next, we left to Avigliana residence where we settled down in our rooms, had a mouthwatering dinner, celebrated mass and finally went for a walk at Avigliana centre and took a flavoured ice-cream.

The following day arrived and we were all on tender hooks because the days were really packed. After breakfast, we boarded the bus and started chanting songs all the way to Superga. There is such a breath-taking view that you can see the entire city below you. Next, we went to Lingotto shopping centre which is a massive mall containing hundreds of different shops. After, we departured to Valdocco where Don Bosco had opened his very first oratory. Then we celebrated mass and went to visit the church where Don Bosco’s original body lies. Needless to say that this was a special occasion for all of us, students and educators alike.

On our third day, we visited Becchi where Don Bosco grew up with his family. It was very peaceful and enchanting. After, we took a tour at Juventus Stadium which was filled with a lot of trophies and memorable moments throughout Juventus’s years. I couldn’t believe my eyes. When we returned to Avigliana residence we went for a stroll around the lake which was a little bit unnerving because it was pitch black in the middle of nowhere.

The best part of this amazing trip was when we watched Juventus vs Spezia which ended 2-0 for Juventus. Everyone was shouting at the top of their lungs!  Secondly, was when we canoed on Lago Maggiore which is surrounded by greenery and high mountains.

To sum it all up, I must say that I really enjoyed this trip because I learnt more about Don Bosco and about his life. This adventure helped me to grow more, become more independent and get to know my classmates better as well as appreciate their friendship as we were just one big family. I will never forget this amazing trip. To the younger students of Savio, I have only one piece of advice: Make sure that you don’t miss this opportunity!

Isaac Spiteri 10G