"Various types of assessments in order to provide feedback..."


Savio College uses various types of assessments in order to provide feedback to students and parents about the student’s educational progress. At present, all students are assessed continuously throughout the year through a series of formative and summative assessments done at school and at home. All these on-going assessments are called School Based Assessment.

Besides this there is also a formal examination assessment session at the end of the school year called the Annual Examination session. Both assessments contribute to the final grade each student obtains at the end of the school year as follows:

  • Continuous Assessment (30%)
  • Annual Examination session (70%)

Educators are strongly encouraged to apply assessment that reflects different skills, incorporating different assessment tools such as HWs, CWs, tests, essays, lab reports, interviews, project, video, portfolios and presentations. Savio College SLT and educators periodically evaluate and update the college’s assessment policy so that it is as effective as possible in informing on student progress.

The aforementioned system aims to ensure that every assessment however big or small contributes to the final mark a student obtains and that everything (and not just the Annual examination) is important.