"Youth is the most precious segment of human society."

New Entrants

Savio College is a secondary school for boys, from Years 7 to Year 11. Admission to our school is through the ballot process organised by the Secretariat for Catholic Education (SfCE) at the end of Year 6.

During our annual Open day, prospective students have the perfect opportunity to get a real feel of what our school has to offer before choosing their new school. Our students and members of staff enthusiastically prepare an array of activities to showcase our academic curriculum and extra-curricular activities to suit every taste.

We have still thought of sharing a brochure. In our brochure you will get the essence of our Salesian way of teaching and education framework, as well as other information pertaining to both parents/guardians and students which we are sure you will find useful and interesting.

We suggest prospective students to browse the school website and then visit our Facebook page. We hope that these tools will assist students and parents to decide to choose Savio College as their secondary school.

Click here to access the brochure.