"Online digital platforms that broaden the dimensions of teaching and learning."


The MySchool Portal is a simple and secure solution used to manage educators’, parents’ (guardians’), and students’ data.  The MySchool portal can be also used as a means of communication between the Senior Leadership Team, educators, students and parents and guardians.

The portal enables users to view the following data:

  • School grade reports
  • Attendance records
  • Assessment results and feedback
  • Achievement Points
  • Educator emails

MySchool, being online, can be accessed from anywhere – the students’ home, the parents’/guardians’ workplace, etc. via a personal computer, tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection. Students and at least one of the parents or guardians are required to register to MySchool by submitting a unique e-mail address which they check on a regular basis.

The Achievement Points System is a feedback system based on awarding and deducting points, aimed at bringing to light all that is positive in our students.  It is continually updated on the MySchool portal and a weekly report is sent to parents at the end of each week.  Through this system students are awarded points for desirable behaviour and work ethic.  Points are deducted for undesirable behaviour or work ethic. There is a system of awards linked to the Achievement Points system.

Microsoft Teams

At Savio College, we also utilise Microsoft Teams, adding to our array of digital platforms. All students at Savio College are provided with complimentary access to a Microsoft 365 account, encompassing applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams. Within our academic setup, Microsoft Teams plays a pivotal role as both educators and students engage in virtual lessons and coursework tracking. This versatile platform serves as a conduit for students to seamlessly submit digital assignments and homework to their instructors. Simultaneously, teachers leverage its capabilities to upload essential study materials and deliver digitally annotated assignments back to the students, fostering an efficient exchange of information.

Microsoft Teams stands as a vital component of our educational framework, promoting streamlined communication and engagement between all stakeholders, as we continue to harness the power of digital tools for enhanced learning experiences at Savio College.