There has been a lot of activities in my second year at Savio College, but my favourite activity by far has got to be our trip to Sicily.

We met at the airport, where we left our parents to go into the checkout area. After experiencing the necessities of the airport security, taking a break and buying some snacks and other products we boarded the plane and we were off, it was a smooth flight. After which we went out of the Sicilian airport and hopped on a coach, already booked for us. We were off to Etna, a very active volcano. When we arrived, we got out our clipboards and in the freezing wind headed off to one of the now extinct craters, in which we answered a few questions about Etna’s geography.

Subsequently, we hopped back onto the bus and went off to Gole d’Alcantara. There we got into our swimming trunks and jumped into the frigid water and had a blast. Next we went to a restaurant to have our lunch, consisting of a three-course meal. After we replenished on some delicious Italian cuisine we went to the next place on our schedule, Taormina. A hilltop town which is known for its ancient Greco-Roman theatre still actively used until this day. There we split up into groups and went around buying souvenirs and food. After that, we set off to our final destination… Malta. We went to the airport, past the security, onto the plane and back home where we were greeted by our parents.

I am truly grateful for everything that the staff that came with us to Sicily have done for us and I wish that the following students have as much fun as we did.

Kyle Tabone