"Nurturing an eco-friendly culture..."

Students' Council

The Students’ Council has been linked to the Eco-Schools group and it functions on the same lines as of an NGO where students participate voluntarily, but take a commitment while taking note of the minutes. Students in the council hold regular meetings and come up with initiatives which improve the life of the college. This is an opportunity that gives a voice to our students during regular communication with the Senior Leadership Team of Savio College.

This council serves as a model of education where students learn how to be socially and politically involved within the community where they live in a way that they can become Good Christians and Honest Citizens.

Together with their teachers, the Students’ Council seeks to tap EU funding for community projects, takes up the challenge to promote a green culture at school and endeavours to reach out to vulnerable members of our community.

Throughout these last few years the School Council kept the Eco-School flag flying high and has also gained the LEAF Award.