"If I can succeed in saving only a single soul, I can be sure that my own will be saved."

Why Dominic Savio?

Dominic Savio was born in Italy on April 2nd 1842 and died when he was almost fifteen on March 9th 1857. His mentor and educator was Don Bosco himself who regarded this young man very highly. Don Bosco was convinced that Dominic’s life was a typical example of holiness and goodness lived out in a simple yet consistent way in his everyday life. In the life of this young man, we encounter pure and transparent witness of gospel love.

In Dominic’s relationship with Don Bosco there is this constant element of searching that we notice also today in young people. Our educational setup and pedagogical experience at Savio College is based on the fact that young people need significant adults who accompany them on their personal journey and search for meaning. Young people are looking for educators who witness values and have both the willingness and the ability to share them.

We can see Dominic Savio today in the lives of our students and youths who are asking us in the silence of their hearts to accompany them in their search for meaning, to be there for them, to be there with them!

As Dominic Savio’s relationship with Don Bosco was one of accompaniment, where freedom could flourish, we as educators accompany our students in their life journey and their discovery towards meaning.

Education is about collaboration! We as educators aim to favour collaboration so as to create an educational ecosystem where young people are empowered to find out their project of life! Thus young people’s personality is strengthened to become agents of change in the environment where they are living.