"Savio College developed Don Bosco's spirituality and his system of education."

"Savio College developed Don Bosco's spirituality and his system of education."

Our Origins

From a humble beginning in 1968 with merely twelve students, Savio College has over the years managed to build a strong identity grounded on the vision created by Don Bosco in Turin. Don Bosco looked at his work with young people from four different but related aspects. He wanted Salesian entities to embody the role of “school, church, home and playground”, as the emphasis of Don Bosco’s work was always the holistic development of young people.

Don Bosco knew that young people need to learn and develop their abilities but also recognised that the best environment in which to do this, is a safe and homely one. He knew that young people needed space in which to run, make noise and burn up energy but he also recognised their innate potential to grow and deepen their spirituality.

Savio College developed Don Bosco’s spirituality and his system of education. It is not so much the physical aspect of the school, church, home and playground that make Savio College Salesian, but rather it is the pastoral interaction that it carries on a daily basis and purposefully within the College.

Many students, parents and educators, consider Savio College as their second home, developing here a strong sense of identity. For countless youth it is a school of life, offering spaces where joy and optimism are cultivated along with a spirituality that provides meaning to their being, to their sense of purpose and to the relationship with the world.

Throughout the years, the Salesian educative community in Dingli has worked hard to keep faithful and loyal to the spirit of Don Bosco.  When the Salesians founded Savio College, their aim was to bring out the best in every child that walks through its doors.  They always wished that this school would help young people discern their vocation and in particular to accompany future Salesians of Don Bosco through their initial formation.