"The cave hosted a community of underground dwellers, better known as Troglodytes."

Għar il-Kbir

Għar il-Kbir is located along the South-West coast of Malta, between Ħad-Dingli and Buskett, in the territory of Siġġiewi. It is found around 2 kilometres away from Savio College.

From the outside, Għar il-Kbir is well hidden from the outside and does not look like a cave at all. It is made up of eight caves on two levels which are all interconnected.

This cave complex was inhabited from prehistoric times until 1835. In 1835, the British were preoccupied by the lack of hygiene in the place. Thus, the last cave dwellers who remained in the caves were forced out and resettled at Siġġiewi. Għar il-Kbir was most probably formed naturally, but the cave dwellers expanded the caves to suit their needs.