"A well-known site where archaeological remains are found"

Cart Ruts

In the whereabouts of Għar il-Kbir one finds the Clapham junction with its fascinating network of bronze-age cart ruts.

Clapham Junction is a well-known site where archaeological remains are found. Cart ruts, Punic tombs and ancient surface quarries are all to be found here. The use of the cart ruts is still unknown, but many scholars have their own opinion. Most think that the cart ruts are the result of vehicles which carried loads from one place to another.

Moreoever, scholars do not agree on which type of vehicle was used. Wheeled carts, sledges and slide cars are all possible vehicles that may have formed the cart ruts. Field experiments at t’Alla u Ommu cart ruts site suggested that the slide car was the most likely vehicle to form the cart ruts.