"It offers a safe space where one feels a sense of belonging..."

Savio Salesian Youth

In a unique way Don Bosco’s vision of education was to raise leaders and role models from the same youngsters who were in his educational environment. His spirit of animating pastoral ministry has been passed on to us. Students who have received enriching spiritual and human formation during their years at Savio College will be invited to give service to others after they have finished Year 11.

Savio Salesian Youth represents a group of youths who follow Don Bosco’s footsteps as they animate multiple events throughout the year, as well as those who attend and participate in these events.

Based at Savio College Dingli, youths aged from 16 to their 20s organise and animate:

  • Monthly meetings ĦDS (Ħbieb Duminku Savio/Friends of Dominic Savio) and GOSPA (Girls of Salesian Prayer and Animation)
  • Summer Camps
  • The Annual Fun Day during the summer holidays
  • Christmas and Easter celebrations
  • School Live-ins

…for students and other youths aged 11-16.

In addition, throughout the year, both the animators and the participants are presented with fora, retreats, bible meditation and workshops to guide and accompany their spiritual formation journey.

This youth group is particularly responsible also for fostering, enriching and supporting Christian vocations and Salesians in formation.

Similar to other Salesian realities, Savio Salesian Youth is based on the 4 pillars of Education, Playground, Church and Home. It offers a safe space where one feels a sense of belonging, where friendships flourish surrounded by abundant love and joy in accordance with our founding father and friend, Don Bosco’s formula for life.

You can follow us on https://www.facebook.com/salesianvocationsmalta/