"The uniform identifies the students from other colleges... "


The uniform that students wear throughout the year is practical, comfortable and smart.

It is made up of a grey shorts and green T-shirt which can be used for sports and when the weather gets warmer. Then, Savio College has its unique dark grey tracksuit kit with yellow zipper jacket and trousers. Students are expected to come from home wearing the tracksuit trousers and T-shirt or grey jacket according to how cold or warm the weather is.

For the colder months, Savio College has designed a windproof and waterproof black jacket. All uniform items can be easily identified since the logo of the school has been set on all uniform pieces.

Other uniform pieces are available to buy, even though students are not obliged to have them. These are the school panel cap, the neck warmer and the slouch beanie with the school logo.

The items mentioned above can be purchased from Garmmo outlet at Attard.

Sports footwear has to be rigorously multi-studded, suitable both for the indoor pavilion and for the running track/turfed open grounds.