"An educational trip for the option subject students of Applied Award in Photography (MQF Level 3)"

During the first month of this scholastic year (2022-23) following a two-year interim due to the Covid situation, the yearly Turin trip was back on the agenda. This year’s theme was Turin through the Lens. The objective of this trip was to give Year 11 students studying photography, the opportunity to apply acquired skills and associated theoretical knowledge in selected indoor and outdoor locations at Avigliana which is situated in the province of Turin. Leading and guiding the students during this academic excursion was Mr Christopher Azzopardi, who was also supported and accompanied by Fr Jeremy Vella, Ms Darinka Grech and Ms Ariana Abela.

We left Malta on the 13th October 2022 and found travelling by plane on a scholastic trip a very thrilling and exciting experience. By agreement, we put on a hoodie printed with the school’s logo to stand out more as Savio College students as well as to enhance team spirit. Prior to departure time, a group photo of us all was taken as a remembrance.

Once in Italy, the group drove up to the Avigliana residence by van. As planned, after settling down in our respective rooms we engaged in our first task straightaway. This assignment involved a walking tour around the Lago Maggiore di Avigliana during which time each student had to take photos of the natural landscape that makes this site so unique. A mouth-watering Italian dinner at the residence and celebration of mass ensued and the day was concluded with a walking night tour at the centre of Avigliana. Here, we could not miss the opportunity to take an ice-cream to seal the day!

The second day was jam-packed with back-to-back activities. After breakfast, the group headed towards Novalesa waterfalls. Various photographic techniques were tested on site, among others taking pictures with varying exposure times. Different strategic points were also sought to capture the best quality pictures possible of this breathtaking location. At mid-day the students took a short break and ate a traditional Piedmontese meal, typical of the place.

On Saturday 15th October, the we visited what used to be Don Bosco’s native home in Colle Don Bosco. Following a short break, the group drove to Piazza San Carlo and visited the Egyptian museum. Plenty of photos of old relics such as large statues, tools, and bones were taken from different perspectives and under different lighting conditions.

On Sunday, the group headed for Melezet where we crossed borders to reach French land. Once at destination, a long walk to Rifugio – I re magi led us to the Lac Vert (Green Lake). The light reflections on this lake were a feast to the eye and gave us the opportunity to be creative and imaginative in our photographic endeavors. Back at the residence, the group celebrated mass outdoors in the very beautiful and well cultivated residence garden.

On the following day the group went to Valdocco where Don Bosco founded the first oratory. Pictures were taken at the Pinardi chapel and the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians. The day proceeded with shopping at the Le Gru shopping mall followed by a more sportive photographic session at Forno di Coazze. Here we had to do boulder jumping to select spots that could give us the most appealing photographic shots. A brief dip in the ice-cold water originating from the higher elevations of this region was also a challenging experience for those who like to push themselves to the limit. In the evening a last taste of local Italian cuisine prepared by the resident chefs brought this wonderful experience to an end.

Reluctantly, on Tuesday 18th October the students packed up and returned home with truckloads of stories to tell and boast of with their families. The trip was one of a kind! This experience gave us the opportunity to take our photographic skills to a new level in an environment that falls outside our habitual panoramic context. As a group we got to know each other more through work and fun activities. A truly memorable experience that we will keep on cherishing in our future!

Adam Caruana
Year 11Y